Everyone is a reader!

Bookji is a reading platform that makes the process of finding a book more effective and engaging for young readers.

Engage & connect students

A better way for librarians to engage with students. Follow favorite book content, react to books with emojis and connect with friends.

Power to educators

Educators are the driving force behind Bookji. They can create book topics to inspire students, post content, build classes, and so much more.


Book Topic: Books From New York City

The world is yours for the reading

Integrate maps into your students' reading experience and let them discover books that take place around world.

Emoji search feature

Bookji Places Search

Student analytics feature

Bookji Reading Progress

Supercharge your library catalog

We support library catalogs from the Follett Destiny® and other customizable ways to upload your catalog.


Get detailed reading statistics

Bookji creates a reading profile for each student that tracks their progress, preferences, and other insights.



Are you an educator interested in getting kids excited about reading? Or using analytics to help students learn better?

Curated books

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Save time finding the right books for your kids. Let them have more fun reading.