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Welcome to the era of a connected kid's reading community.

Did you know?

Only a third of 10-year-olds globally are estimated to be able to read and understand a simple written story.

The percentages of 9 and 13-year-olds who said they read daily for fun has dropped by double digits since 1984.

Less than 20% of all American teens read books, magazines, or newspapers for pleasure.

UNICEF, National Assessment of Educational Progress, & American Psychological Association

Our mission

To make reading more exciting with kids today. Bookji aims to do this in a contemporary, engaging and safe way. Our social reading platform emphasizes collaboration with peers, emoji integration, and geographical awareness to better captivate young readers with books.


Connecting classmates with books just got easier

Bookji harnesses the most powerful tool to excite kids about reading—peer influence. On Bookji classmates and friends can create book posts and share book-related content.


Foster a Reading Culture & Community

Bookji will help create an environment and culture where students see themselves, their classmates, friends and teachers as readers. The more students see others reading, the more likely they will engage in reading themselves.

Power to educators

Educators are the driving force behind Bookji. We'll help each teacher and librarian be better educators by bringing in-depth insights and analytics into each student's reading behavior and helping each educator keep up with, master, and share what's popular in kids' literature today.


Join our early adopter program.

Are you an educator interested in getting kids excited about reading?

We're just starting out but have big plans. We want to team up with 50 teachers/librarians this fall who share our passion for getting kids excited about reading. If you're interested in Bookji, join our early adopters' program and get free access for use in your classrooms.

We'll appreciate your insights and suggestions. In return, we promise to listen intensely, work tirelessly and build the best kids' reading platform.

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